Our Vision

Anaphora’s vision derives from its name “anaphora”, a Coptic word meaning “offering” and “uplifting.”  The Anaphora community aspires to uplift people beyond their natural boundaries and limitations.  Anaphora is committed to providing a place of love and acceptance to all people, irrespective of their background, beliefs and faith.  Anaphora was inspired by the spirituality of the monastic life.  It was designed to create an environment of peace, serenity, simplicity, and most important of all, love.

Anaphora also provides a quiet contemplative environment where Christians can be trained to serve their communities, and to see Christ through the empowering of others.  It also provides a place of study and research in the upstairs library full of books in multiple languages.

Anaphora is a place where people from all over the world come to find inner peace, tranquility, and relaxation.  All other areas are illuminated by candles and solar lighting.  Anaphora is funded by donations and is an organic farm that aims at self–sufficiency.  Visitors can choose to stay in communal housing or individual cells.  You can choose to enjoy various activities available including farming, prayer, daily mass, social gatherings around the fire, candle making or choose to experience the quiet solitude of this desert